Safe Start Strategies, LLC.


Meet the Owner

Sharita Green-Ngounda, Owner & Senior Safety Strategizer
[email protected]

     Sharita is a seasoned Safety & Human Resources professional with a proven passion to integrate education, awareness, training, positive employee relations and productive communication with daily operations; encouraged by a strong desire to be of service to an industry leader.

    Sharita has over 17 years of industry varied experience in compliance. She has served in compliance, safety and engineering capacities in the following environments: educational, automotive, healthcare, laboratory, warehousing, distribution, lumber, wood products, and consulting. In those experiences she realized that organizational issues often times contributed to Safety and Human Resource problems. In her training classes she begin to share with people the following slogan “Chaos Creates Crisis” and reminded people that it could be applied to every aspect of life. The myriad of work experiences and education created a foundation that have been critical in supporting client needs.

     Her passion and deep motivation to be a change advocate is based off of her belief in Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy “be the change you wish to see in the world”. She believes that the fundamental purpose of Safe Start Strategies, LLC. is promoting change and leaving others empowered to be "Change" agents.